Top Cut Savvy – “Staples”

Top Cut Savvy is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by John Earley and Josiah Beers. In today’s feature John and Josiah discuss staple dominants. They also talk about some crazy combos, and throw out a deck building challenge to the community.

Reservation for 10

Hey guys, it’s been awhile, but I’m back on Land of Redemption with a podcast that previews 10 cards from the upcoming Revelation of John set!

On a few cards I’ll share some background from their development and on some others I’ll share some tips and tricks I used in play testing. Hope you enjoy!

Cloud of Witnesses Primer

A couple weeks ago I recorded this podcast while traveling to visit Gabe. I cover topics like power creep, the state of the game, and where we tried to push things with this set. I also touch on what decks I think will do well after Cloud of Witnesses becomes legal for play. As you gear up for tournament season, I think this can be a valuable resource to help you hit the ground running!

More Redemption Meta Gaming

In this episode Alex and Westy discuss the announce prizes for Nationals, the message boards, moderation and why a couple members chose to no longer participate in that forum.

The Return of Redemption Metagaming

It’s the return of the (oh wait, no your kidding, he didn’t just say what I think he did, did he?)… Redemption Metagaming! Everyone’s two favorite critics are back to share some insight in the form of an audio podcast.