Redemption with Jayden – Postexilic Powerhouse

There’s a new Contender Deck out there for y’all and, let me tell ya, it’s a good one. After all the hype and love I’ve shown for the Postexilic offense during the last few months, I’ve finally finished a Contender version of the deck for Your Turn Games and it’s now available for purchase.

Redemption With Jayden – Livestream Recap

The second livestream on Redemption with Jayden was last week and it was certainly a lot of fun. If you weren’t able to join us, that’s alright, the video is still available via the link below and now you’ll have some additional content that wasn’t available at the time because, as you can see below, our decklists and personal summaries for the decks, game, and the draft are now available!

Redemption with Jayden – Online Tournament Game

The last online tournament of 2020 is wrapped up and was a lot of fun. After the rescheduling, we were still able to get up to 8 players in T1-2P and 2 players in LoC Only. This time around I wanted to try something new and unsuspected, so I brought back an older strategy to see if it had some potential in the current meta: Hand Control.

Redemption with Jayden – Giving Corinth a Shot

In this week’s video I try out a brand new Corinth deck where the main strategy is to use Titus Justus to protect my Corinth Heroes from most Evil Characters by decreasing their toughness. To make sure my Evil Characters stay safe though, I paired the offense with a standalone-type defense with beefy characters like King of Tyrus, Red Dragon, and Emperor Nero.

Redemption with Jayden: 24 Lil’ Gifts for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! This week’s video is a Lineage of Christ Super Pack unboxing. It was fun to try out since I usually just play games and discuss decks on my channel, so maybe I’ll do it more often as my wallet allows… Hope y’all enjoy and I’m certainly open to suggestions if there’s anything you guys wanna see!