Creation Love at First Sight (LAFS) Redux

In this article Chad provides a retrospective on the Creation LAFS deck build that caused much buzz during the 2021 tournament season. Read for a summary of his experiences piloting the deck to a 5th place finish in T1-2P at the 2021 Redemption National Tournament and thoughts on why the LAFS saga turned out as it did.

CtheTree’s Take On…Daniel Deck!

Due to encouragement from the community Land of Redemption editor Chad has decided to post his series on deck building to LoR that he is doing on the forums. This week enjoy this article on his take on Daniel Deck!

Redemption with Jayden – Online Tournament Game

The last online tournament of 2020 is wrapped up and was a lot of fun. After the rescheduling, we were still able to get up to 8 players in T1-2P and 2 players in LoC Only. This time around I wanted to try something new and unsuspected, so I brought back an older strategy to see if it had some potential in the current meta: Hand Control.

The Musical Chariot – Part 1: Deck Build

As a full-time student, I don’t often have the time or funds to keep up with the latest sets, so I play and build decks with a limited and aging collection. A few weeks ago I was building a new deck in my spare time when I realized I had used all my decent cards in my first few decks and all I had remaining in my collection were cards that made the I & J starter decks look like national tournament winners. I paused my deck construction and hopped on my computer to view card images of the last few sets to try to catch up and familiarize myself with them, when I stumbled across the Prophecies of Christ dominant “Chariot of Fire”. Immediately my eyes lit up at the foreign sight of a good dominant that wasn’t SoG, AoTL or GoyS, and I started thinking about the fun I could have with this card.