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Josh has collected Redemption cards since the original unlimited booster packs, but has only been playing Redemption competitively since 2010. He has fallen in love with pretty much every strategy game ever introduced to him. When Josh plays Redemption, he tries to find and build creative decks that are outside the mold of the current popular decks.

Fishy Faith

Today we are going to look at some cards that emphasize the “Fall” in “Fall of Man”. The Old Testament shows us that the Israelites were not always faithful followers of God. There were different reasons at different times for this, but one common reason was the Israelites worshipping idols instead of God.

The Resurgence of Red

For years, Red brigade has been a punching bag of sorts for the Redemption community. Long believed to be the weakest good brigade by many high-level players, its biggest claims to fame recently have been being paired with Purple for the Throne offense, as well as being the backbone of the Children of Light offense.


With each new set often come new card types, new game mechanics, and/or new identifiers. In this
article, we will introduce a new identifier that you will find on several cards in the new set

Flashback – My First Nationals: Day 1

2016 Nationals was my first National tournament. I had wanted to do a write-up on my experiences and results, but I never made the time to do it. Then I took a mental break of sorts from Redemption last fall. Well, tournament season 2017 hasn’t kicked in yet, and spoilers for the new 2017 cards haven’t been released yet, so I figure now is as good a time as any. Even though the community’s knowledge and familiarity with the Cloud of Witnesses expansion is vastly improved since Nationals, I believe that we can find ways to improve (even in small ways) when we review past Redemption games.

Cloud of Witnesses Musings – Combos: Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of Cloud of Witnesses Musings!  Today I will be commenting on some combos I’ve noticed with the new CoW cards.  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you 129 new Redemption cards 3 months before Nationals, you make combos!

Cloud of Witnesses Musings – Ultra Rares: Part 1

Hello everyone!  Now that the Cloud of Witnesses expansion has been spoiled in whole, it’s time to consider what this means for Redemption.  If you are like me, you are extremely excited yet feeling somewhat overwhelmed right now!  Cloud of Witnesses is giving us 129 new cards that we need to incorporate into our thought process as we build our tournament decks.  Nationals is less than 3 months away!  So where do we start?  What do we focus on?  What are the implications and considerations needing to be addressed when an expansion is released 2 months before Nationals?  That’s what I’ll be discussing in what I plan on being a multi-part “blog-like” series of articles.  I’ll just be talking about whatever comes to mind and we’ll see where it leads!

Countering Clay

If you’ve been playing Redemption regularly over the past year or so chances are you have played with or against a deck using a clay offense.  The Persecuted Church expansion increased the clay card pool, including some new churches, and added some powerful options for clay offenses.  A few months ago, around Christmas, one of the best Redemption players said “clay is meta.” Based on my opponents in ROOT tournaments since the PC release, I have to agree.  Not everyone is playing clay but your odds of seeing a clay deck are higher than other decks right now.

Hidden Gems of Gold

In today’s article, I’ll explore the good Gold brigade and discuss some enhancements that I consider “hidden gems.” My goal is not to say “These cards are ones you have to use.” Rather, I want to bring into the light a few cards that don’t see play as often and some players may have forgotten about (or newer players might not be aware of). Redemption’s history goes back over 20 years now; the tendency of Redemption players is often to focus more heavily on the new cards each year. But sometimes old cards can find new niches. Finding these “hidden gems” is one of many things that makes this game exciting!

A Journey Through ROOT – Part 3

Welcome back to A Journey Through ROOT! Part 2 walked through my ROOT game with JD (kariusvega on the boards). With Part 3, I’ll be reflecting on the game: what worked, what didn’t work, and how I’d change my deck for the future. My goal is to help less-experienced Redemption players use their own game experiences to craft better decks – to know what to change, and to know what to keep the same.

A Journey Through ROOT – Part 2

Welcome back to A Journey Through ROOT! Part 1 left off right before my January ROOT game against kariusvega. I included the deck list for the deck I was testing in ROOT which was tweaked after my first ROOT test game (a 5-0 win for me). With Part 2, I’ll be doing a play-by-play walk-through of our game. Without further ado…

A Journey Through ROOT – Part 1

Today I would like to talk about ROOT, the Redemption Official Online Tournaments that run about 1.5 months each throughout the year. This will be the first of 3 articles during which I’ll walk through a recent ROOT experience.

Call My Bluff

Several years ago I started watching Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments on TV. I was fascinated with the decision-making process that the poker pros went through. I loved to watch players try and bluff. There was nothing quite as satisfying as watching someone with 7-2 offsuit (statistically, the worst poker hand in Texas Hold ‘Em) bluff his way through a hand and cause players with better hands to fold.


Today I will share a defense that has been very successful for me in T1. It has morphed a bit over the last 2 ½ years, but the key parts have stayed the same. One of the key parts is a Babylonian from the TexP expansion that I pretty much never run into in opposing decks. There are certainly a lot of viable defenses in Redemption right now, so I shouldn’t be surprised that a specific character isn’t used frequently. Nonetheless, I think bringing the character to light to remind readers of his usefulness is warranted. The character I am talking about is Nebuchadnezzar.

The Judean Mediums – Strategy for Forgotten Cards

When a new set of Redemption cards is released, I like to see if I can find clever or potentially powerful combos with older Redemption cards. The constant release of new cards and the shifting of the Redemption “meta” as it adapts to trends in popular deckbuilding tends to leave a lot of once-useful cards in binders collecting dust.

Teams OH State 2015 1st place

These decks are variants of the deck I played at 2013 SE Regionals. I haven’t played much since then, and I had a lot of success with it both at the tournament and in 2013 ROOT. So I decided to tweak it for TEAMS.

Unloved Brigades: The Red-only Offense

Back in the day, red was on the receiving end of many Redemption jokes, due to its lack of viability as a single-color offense. It didn’t have cannot-be-negated (CBN) battlewinners, it didn’t have high-quality Heroes that could win battles by themselves, it didn’t have enough “speed” (searching and drawing), it didn’t have high-quality support cards, etc. I remember reading the Redemption boards once a year to see Bryon once again ask the Redemption community what the game needed to see in its upcoming expansion. Red was always receiving a large number of recommendations, but still couldn’t find its way into top decks after receiving targeted support year after year. Even after receiving a big boost in the 2011 expansion, red is still seen primarily as a brigade that needs secondary support.

Old Cards, New Ideas: Watchful Servant

Today, we will be taking a look at Watchful Servant (WS).  This card was printed in 2010 with the Disciples expansion.  His ability:

“Protected from capture and conversion.  Ignores Evil Characters with toughness greater than X.”

His identifier “X” is equal to the number of cards in opponent’s deck.  Therefore, when your opponent has no cards in deck, WS ignores all of opponent’s Evil Characters (ignoring any tricks you can do with Crown of Thorns and protect Fortresses…).  A few players, myself included, used WS decks from time to time following the Disciples release.  A WS deck would include a large defense, and in my case, Sites as well.  The goal was to survive your opponent’s offensive attack until he/she decked out, and then you could walk in for free rescues. 

Old Cards, New Ideas: Sapphira

One of my favorite things to do with each new expansion is try to find older cards that become more valuable, based on interactions with newer cards.  Sapphira (from the Women’s expansion, and also later in the G/H decks) is one such card.  Crimson received several new single-color evil Enhancements in The Early Church (TEC) expansion I’d like to highlight.