Articles Written By: Zac Cornell

About Zac Cornell

Zac Cornell (sepjazzwarrior) has been playing Redemption since 2005. He started out in his mother's basement building insane combo decks with his brother and Joey Shivers. Now he likes to build fast decks, such as his one that won T1-2P at 2014 Nationals. Redemption has changed his life in more ways than he can count, and he wouldn't be here without it and without the God that Redemption is all about. Other interest primarily include things a 12 year old enjoys, such as Pokémon, Disney movies, anime, and particularly bad puns. He also makes a better than average grilled cheese sandwich.

The Story Game

Zac. C is back with a fun game based on Redemption! Feel free to post your score in the comments and add any other slick Redemption puns you can think of.

The New Rulebook

Ever had that situation come up in a game where you say to yourself, “Man, I wish there was against the rules!”? Well, The New Rulebook is here to help! Former T1-2P champ Zac Cornell shares this clever and funny hypothetical addendum to the current Redemption rules – which is your favorite?

My Redemption Story, Part 1

Redemption is a very important game for me. Not just because it’s fun, helps me learn about the Bible, and leads to great fellowship, but because of how it has shaped my life. Redemption has been a focal point of two of the biggest changes I have ever gone through, and I feel like now is the time to share with the community how much this game means to me and how it can be used to reach those who need God’s love.