Articles Written By: Josiah

About Josiah

Josiah and Jerome are brothers from Pennsylvania. Jerome started playing Redemption in 2010 and Josiah in 2011. Thanks to Jerome's ability to analyze cards and with help from other players and leaders like Jon M. and Chad Z., the brothers quickly became competitive players on the national circuit. Both have enjoyed getting connected with the nation wide Redemption community and greatly appreciate the friendships which have been cultivated through Redemption. Josiah and Jerome both have a love for Redemption and are excited to forward the game in any way possible.

Not Your Parents’ Disciples

First I want to say it is good to be back. I know it has been awhile since I’ve been able to contribute to Land of Redemption but I am excited to be in a situation that will allow me to be involved again.

T1-2P Nationals 2015 2nd Place – “Spirit Thing”

First off I want to say thanks to Chris and the TN group for hosting another awesome National tournament. The T1-2P was a total blast this year and finishing second feels like a great accomplishment. The field was stacked with great players from all over the country. I will post a deck list on the forum soon but will tell you I ran an angels and demons deck that I named “Spirit Thing”. The only human in the deck was Foreign Wives.

Redemption Island Got You Down?

What is Redemption Island? It is the feeling that you have no one to play with, test with or commune with. Redemption happens to be like most games. It requires more than just you to play. This leads to issues for a lot of people who love to play Redemption. If you are not connected to a large play group, when can you play? Who can you play with? If you don’t have people around you to push you, how can you improve?

The Power of a Battle Winner

Battle winners are an extremely important part of Redemption. Without them it is rare that you will be able to get a block or redeem a Lost Soul. There are many forms battle winners and sometimes it can be confusing as to which ones you should play in your deck. To help us decide, it is necessary for us to understand which battle winning abilities are the strongest. For this article I will not be addressing specific cards but rather general abilities. Battle winning abilities include ignore, discard, convert, underdeck, withdraw, remove, capture, end the battle, set-aside and protect. Each of these abilities can win you a battle but, are some of them more consistent or powerful than others?

Lost Soul Rankings

Ranking Lost Souls is a daunting challenge. There are currently 39 different Lost Soul abilities if you count the 2 and 3-liner separately. You might ask, “How can you possibly rank such an array of abilities when they interact so differently in different decks?” The honest answer is that you can’t. Understanding how souls interact with each individualized deck is a crucial part of Redemption and a crucial part of upping your skill level. Sense ranking souls is so particular, I am going to create 7 tiers of Lost Souls and place each soul in a tier with a small explanation.

Type 1 Dominant Rankings

Here are our dominant rankings for Type-1 format!

This is the ranking list Jerome and I compiled awhile back. If you’re up for an explanation of why we rated each Dominant where we did, keep reading.

Peace – The Most Powerful Good Enhancement in TEC?!?

Since the release of the 2011 tins a “top tier” of offensive Enhancements have emerged. These cards are based around utility/speed and cannot be negated (CBN) battle winners.  Cards like “Wheel Within a Wheel, Samuel’s Edict, Bravery of David, Live Coal and Isaiah’s Call” have all found places in top tier decks.

Despite a lack of speed production, interrupt, or CBN, Peace is a strong candidate for cracking the elite tier for offensive Enhancements.